Our Background & Philosophy

SAL Engineering Ltd. Background

SAL Engineering Ltd. is a firm of Professional Consulting Engineers and Project Managers registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.  The firm is also a member in good standing of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan.  SAL Engineering Ltd. is authorized to provide professional services on Project Management, Municipal Engineering, and Transportation Engineering projects.  Our head office is located in Saskatoon.

SAL Engineering Ltd. has been providing engineering and project management services to clients throughout Saskatchewan since 1980.  SAL Engineering Ltd. has a proven record of working with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments as well as First Nations and the private sector.  We have a good rapport and many longstanding relationships with clients and their staff because of extensive knowledge and success in past and present projects.

SAL Engineering Ltd. prides itself on keeping informed of new technology and developments in order to provide current information and recommendations.  Our staff participates in conferences and seminars to continue their education and keep up-to-date in the dynamic field of Civil Engineering.  SAL Engineering Ltd. utilizes current versions of widely recognized software programs for specific applications and day-to-day tasks, maintaining compatibility with many government and private organizations.  SAL Engineering Ltd. also reviews and updates hardware annually to ensure that current technology is available to our clients and staff.

SAL Engineering Ltd. Project Philosophy

SAL Engineering Ltd. believes that the successful completion of a project requires candour, mutual trust, effective communication, and understanding.  Conscientious, continuous, and consistent dedication is provided to our client throughout all phases of the project.  We endeavour to understand our client’s needs and carry out work that meets these needs.  SAL Engineering Ltd. believes that our client’s success reflects our success and we value establishing and maintaining relationships with client organizations based on our achievement of excellence in responding to client needs.


Our commitment to the client goes beyond providing quality analysis, planning, consulting, and research.  Our work is timely and responsible. We believe that consulting engineering services must be performed in a competent and efficient manner on a professional and ethical level.  SAL Engineering Ltd. offers professional services while providing cost effective value to our clients.  The quality and value of our work reflect directly on our professional reputations, both as individuals and as a firm. 

Client Participation

SAL Engineering Ltd. maximizes Project Team participation in all phases of the project.  The requirements of the project are identified, discussed, and clearly defined at the onset of the project and then incorporated into the project.  All important decisions are made by the Project Team in consultation with SAL Engineering Ltd. thereby minimizing misunderstandings between the involved parties.


SAL Engineering Ltd. emphasizes communication between the client and the consultant as this is vital to the success of the project.  We work diligently to provide clear, complete and prompt communication of the progress and results of our work.  To aid in accessibility of our staff to our client, all of our Project Engineers, Project Managers, and Resident Inspectors are equipped with cellular telephones when out of the office.